I.I.S Laeng Meucci

I.I.S Laeng Meucci: is an Italian upper secondary school, whose courses last 5 years (students are roughly aged 14-19) with a final exam required to gain a diploma. It is split into two premises: Laeng in Osimo with also the head offices and Meucci in Castelfidardo, both involved in different courses of studies.

Laeng is a vocational school that offers a form of secondary education oriented towards practical subjects with specialised classes in Fashion, Design and Textile Manufacturing as well as specific technical assistance and maintenance operators with professional qualifications as Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical operator and fitter servicer, this last offered also in evening classes for adult education or people in the labour market who want to improve their job position.


Whole-school Approach for Youth with migrant background


Rue des Foulons n.47, Bruxelles 1000


Mobile: (+32) 483419766


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